Have health-building lifestyle patterns?

Years ago when my daughter was a toddler, I remember a pre-school teacher’s tip on teaching your children about healthy food choices. She helped a group of us see that if we talked to our children about ‘grow foods’ we could make it easy for them to understand which foods we thought healthful to eat. So, when we talk about drinking good clean water, vegetables, good sources of protein, etc. translated into terms they could understand, they start the learning process and can develop a model for a health-building pattern.

I have always felt committed as a parent is to teach my child how to make healthy choices, whether it’s about choosing friends, a career, exercise, foods, leisure time, etc.

One of my favorite books for helping adults understand the idea of patterns, is Dr. Diana Shwarzbein’s book, “The Shwarzbein Principle.” She has some wonderful chronicles of peoples’ eating and exercise choices that became patterns that led to their health seriously declining. Of course, with healthy eating patterns introduced and followed, these same people start feeling and functioning much better!

If you don’t currently have a health-building pattern or want to build on to the ones you have, you can begin today to make better choices. Your body will thank you!
To help you assess where you’re at and what your health goals might be, drop me an e-mail and request our Wellness Check. Begin your new pattern by choosing one area–for example: water, exercise, slow glycemic foods for meals (eliminating heavy starches, table sugar, and many of the standard sweeteners like Splenda and Nutrasweet.)

Make a commitment to yourself that you will begin this pattern and be consistent for 21 days. (If it helps, pretend you’re teaching this pattern to your child and it’s critical that they follow the plan.) At the end, you’ll have completed a ‘21 day miracle’, establishing a new healthy habit and a health-building pattern! Watch to see who it rubs off on in your family!

Could it be worth it to you to discipline yourself in this way? Consider the costs of being sick–both out of pocket as well as being unable to really live a happy, vibrant life. So many health conditions today are lifestyle related. I’m always amazed at the toll on families when someone has a dire illness and the family life is disrupted to care for that person.

So… don’t put a lot of focus on what runs in your family because truly your biography does become your biology! Did you know that food can modulate your genes? Consider “The Cost of Being Sick” author and inventor Nicholas Webb’s story about how he chose healthy patterns while his twin in pursuit of his muscial career with late night gigs, pizzas, and beer and went down the opposite road. Finally, Charlie–weighing in at 75 pounds heavier than his brother, decided to turn things around. He wrote letters to “Future Charlie” to tranform his eating patterns, added supplements and exercise returned to a ‘feel good’ state.

One tool to help people think about what they eat is to use a glycemic index. To learn more about low glycemic eating, and want help with what is high and low from your food choices, go to http://www. glycemicindex.com


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