How to Be a Wow Mom!

Great reminders from my friend, Dr. Vicky Arcadi who works with moms and babies:

This weekend is Mother’s Day.
Happy Mother’s Day to all moms around the world, all expecting moms, and all future moms!

Those who are already moms know how important it is to be healthy. My favorite saying is: “If mom is OK, baby is OK”. If mom is doing well, then her kids will be doing well. Kids depend on mom. She holds the house together, and everyone feels safe when mom is doing well and caring for everyone well. It has been estimated that mothers would be paid over 6 figures a year, if they were to be paid for all they do. So moms know they cannot get sick!

Many times moms will sacrifice their own supplements for the children because they want the kids to be healthy. But, just like in the airplane, when the oxygen mask falls down, the mom needs to breathe first out of the mask, then take off the mask and give the oxygen to the baby. Mom must be in tip top shape to properly care for and be there for her children.

So it is very important the moms take care of themselves. They need to be on a food matrix or food form vitamin and mineral(See Cellular Health Plan) Moms know that from being pregnant. It is very important. She also must take what she is deficient in, and as we know from science, we are all deficient in the Glyconutrients. She should be on Dioscorea Villosa as well as phytochemicals and antioxidants including vitamins C, bioflavinoids, and E. These are the natural staples that we should all be getting in our diets. It doesn’t matter if you are already a mom, an expecting mom or a future mom. Our bodies require what is only supplied by foods, otherwise known as the essential nutrients.

If you are eating all your meals from and at home, since our last Tip of the Week, you are probably feeling a little lighter and better. If you are not eating junk food, you are probably feeling better too. The exception to eating out might be to go out for Mother’s Day to give moms a break from the kitchen. In the restaurant business, that is officially the biggest day of the year. But, you can also make a great, healthy dinner at home for mom, and still give her a break.

99.9% of health is, in my opinion, the fuel or foods you put in your diet. We are all Ferrari’s. You can get away with putting the cheapest, lowest quality, gas into a VW bug, but if you put that gas in the Ferrari, you will not get the engine to run very well. The same goes for us. We must make sure the quality of the food is the best, meaning, fresh, clean, and highest quality possible!

So Happy Mother’s Day, and enjoy and appreciate what moms are all about and the miracle of being a mom.


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