Got Organic Milk and Cheese?

Check out the Ratings of Organic Farms

Many people seek out organic food products to ensure denser nutrients in their foods. Sounds smart! Well, think again about which organic products you want to be buying. You may need a finer filter to be sure to get what you think you’re buying!

Cornucopia is an independent consumer watchdog group dedicated to assuring natural organic practices and protecting consumers from untruthful and unnatural factory farming interests.

What Cornucopia found several years ago was that many national organic brands were fake and never allowed their cows to graze on grass….ever. In fact, many of these well known brands exclusively utilize factory farm practices…where cows laid on piles of manure or concrete and never see or eat grass ever. Cornucopia then sued to stop these unnatural and miss leading practices.

Cornucopia then performed research and gathered data on all of the organic and natural dairies in the USA and then ranked them according to how natural they were and how they treated their cows ….

Please see for a copy of the nation dairy ranking score card. The truth becomes self evident when the right questions are asked. Do check the photo gallery for Aurora Farms Surrogate Heiffer Ranch photos and witness the conditions under which these cows are raised. It won’t match your picture of the ol’ cows on the farm grazing contentedly, I promise!

Learning about these farming practices is yet another reason we need to supplement our diet with dense nutrient formulas in the form of supplements! Some of our favories are based on glyconutrition. Contact us to receive our free Health E-Newsletter! We enjoy keeping our readers abreast of what’s exciting for their health! 866-741-2922.


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