HPV Vaccine Exemptions? Prevention?

While the debate goes on about the Gardisil vaccine and its efficacy and whether or not this vaccine should be part of a list of required vaccines, it looks like parental rights are still at risk. Dawn Richardson, Austin parent and advocate for parental choice writes in a letter to parents in her school community: “you need to know that your right to a vaccine exemption when your child attends a private school is not upheld and protected by law – and in fact many private schools do not accept the exemption.” Dawn initiated the PROVE program ten years ago. PROVE stands for Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education. All are encouraged to visit the site: http://www.vaccineinfo.net to learn more about vaccines and exemptions.

It is amazing to see how many people assume the only way to prevent cancer is through vaccines. Educated people argue that cancer is just a reality so we need the vaccines. There is such an opportunity here to educate the public about building the immune system of the body. We have abnormal cells in our body daily and what can determine our health is not how many vaccines we subject ourselves to, but how we are building the terrain of the body to protect itself. When there have been plagues through history affecting vast segments of the population, not everyone succumbed. Those with strong immune systems faired well. The same is true today. If you would like an informative article on building the terrain of the body, please e-mail us. We’ll send it along.

Beyond the issue of parental rights and which vaccines should be among the list of required for school attendance, numerous health concerns about the vaccine itself and State Senator Hegar brings up some important points in the Houston Community Newspaper — on line at HCNonline.com

“Hegar said that an even greater risk is that the Gardisil vaccine protects against only four strains of the HPV virus that can cause cervical cancer, while the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over 100 strains of HPV can cause genital warts and that 30 sexually transmitted high risk strains can cause cancer of the cervix. While the four strains of the HPV virus that the Gardisil vaccine protects against are responsible for up to 70 percent of cervical cancers, anyone receiving the Gardisil vaccine will still need to have regular PAP tests to detect cervical cancer. “Governor Perry’s mandated vaccine may only lessen the risk and does not prevent women from getting cervical cancer,” Hegar added.

“Forcing all Texas 11 and 12 year old girls to receive the Gardisil vaccine is completely out of line with the longstanding history of why children in the United States are required to receive nine vaccines for thirteen different diseases.

“Unlike, all of the other mandated vaccines in Texas, Gardisil will not eliminate a preventable disease in our State. Instead, parents will be given a false hope that their daughters will never contract cervical cancer, which is a grave injustice to these young girls and their families.”

Take action today and learn what you can do to strengthen your immune system! There’s even some YouTube links that will be a wake up call about how easily you can begin to build your immune reserve. Write to us at healthtutor.gmail.com


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