Should You Feed the Little Hummers?


originally uploaded by Dan90266.

Now that it’s spring and you sighting hummingbirds, you might wonder what’s healthy to feed them…Some of the commercial solutions can make them sick, so here’s some tips:

You should change the solution every 48 hours in regular weather, every 24 in hot (95+degrees) weather. It is also best to put it in a place that doesn’t receive
full sun all day. You should also sterilize the feeder every 7 days (boil
all parts for 5 – 7 minutes) or run it through your dishwasher. You should
also avoid using boxed solutions that have red dye in them – it is neither
good for the birds nor the environment. You can make a big batch of
sugar water and store it in a super clean jug in the fridge. Different
people tell you different ratios, but I find that 1c. sugar for 4 c. water
works well. You can use regular white sugar.


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