Moving Up the Food Chain

I’ve been on a personal mission to improve the quality of food I take in each day and thought I’d blog about my insights, adventures, and benefits. Also I want to give resources I’ve found helpful in the process. So here goes!

Most of my life I’ve been thin–not necessarily low in body fat, but thin. After an accident a few years back, my weight started gently, but steadily climbing. I hadn’t changed my diet. Hmm..I kept reading about how much nutrients we lose in preparing our foods and started looking at information about eating live foods.

I’m not a fanatic type–all or nothing, so my intent was to learn what I could prepare in live, raw foods that tasted good. I wasn’t concerned with going 100% raw, just experimenting to see if I would feel better and improve my body composition by making some changes.

I made this shift a few months back and have lost 10 pounds and 10% bodyfat and 2 pant sizes! (from a 12 to an 8). My body feels much more like itself again. I’m going to include a few tips each day and resources as needed.

The tip for today is GREENS! See if you can add more greens — preferably raw to your diet. I went to a raw foods class and learned lots which I’ll be sharing through this blog. Green vegetables are so rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and have the amino acids to give your body the protein it needs. So a great morning meal is fruit blended with greens in a blender. Very easy, very fast, and it tastes great. Here’s the easy foundation for a recipe which you can embellish to your body’s content!

Greens & Fruit Smoothie

Make drink with about 1/2 greens (salad lettuces, spinach, a little kale perhaps) and 1/2 fruit (pineapple and papaya are great–or berries, kiwi, peach, mango, banana.) I use about a handful of spinach and mixed greens and the amount of fruit to equal about 1 large peach. You can add a pinch of Celtic or Himalayan (or other high quality mineralized salt) and juice of 1/4 to 1/2 lemon. This drink makes me feel great! It gives me plenty of energy for 3-4 hours. You can garnish with hempseed nuts, sesame seeds, or sprouts. For extra staying power, you might add some of your favorite protein meal replacement. One of my all time favorites is the GlycoSlim Vanilla from Mannatech. Also, some like to add a supplement of concentrated green foods in a powdered form.

I also use supplements in the morning which you can find out about by contacting me. Basically a food-based vitamin/mineral and support for digestion and hormonal and immune system.

Try the green drink and let me know how you like it! Also, would love to have your comments on benefits you receive. We have many giving us feedback now that have incorporated this into their diet and noticing weight loss and more sustained energy!

Best of health and vitality,


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