What Have You Got to Lose?

Angela Stokes, author of numerous books on eating raw foods was interviewed today by CNN Health. As she She reported that she weighed 300 pounds and was unhappy and unhealthy. She was so shut down emotionally, she couldn’t even talk with anyone about it.  A friend showed her a book on raw food and the very next day, she embarked on a new diet, and indeed, a new life!

She’s now down to 138 and has maintained her weight and diet for 4 years! What an inspiration. She encourages people to just begin putting more fruits and vegetables in their diet and aim for 50% live foods. She admits being 100% raw can be socially challenging, but increasing your diet to more raw foods is easy for most anyone to do. Choosing raw is a great option, focusing on superfoods, and/or choosing for your metabolic type is helpful too. We have worked with clients who have made any of these choices.

Also, on the food and weight loss front — watch Mike on Youtube report in weekly on his “fat loss” with a new whey peptide technology. Some of my friends have used this too and are having consistently good results. So much sense to focus on targeting fat and NOT weight! One of my friends lost 5″ in her belly and went from size 14 to size 10 in three months. She was most excited about is losing alot of the fat along her backside! Consider a way to lose at least 2 times as much fat as lean instead of most diet programs where people tend to lose a pound of lean for every pound of fat. Did you realize as you age, it’s more difficult to keep good a strong body composition with more lean than fat. What’s your current ratio? What would you like it to be? If you’re dieting, consider measuring as more important than the scale! It’s not so much how much you weigh, as how much lean you’re keeping and generating while losing fat!






8 week summary — great before and after!


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