Could it be the glue….ten?

From one of my health practitioner friends after I wrote out to my e-list about issues with gluten that often go untraced….she wrote back:

My symptoms were heart palpatations in the Summer 2006. [Heart palpitations are also a symptom of peri-menopause.] I saw a naturopath in Autumn 2006 because I knew I was getting symptoms after eating wheat. She did an ALCAT test, drawing blood and sending it to a lab. You can read about ALCAT testing @

The test results showed that I was gliadin-intolerant. Most people have never heard of gliadin; it is a precursor to gluten and also a vegetable protein. Because it is so unfamiliar, I eat a gluten-free diet. Within 2 months of removing gluten, I released 30 pounds of [water] weight, and ceased to be allergic to cedar pollen and oak pollen. I used to get a 24-hour delayed reaction to dairy allergies. Now I get them within the hour – which has allowed me to know exactly what my true allergies are. The palpitations only surface when I eat something I shouldn’t, or too much of something processed like white rice.

I tested negative for celiac, but by that time, had already been off wheat/rye/barley/oats for over 5 months, so that may not be a true test. We’ll never know, because I’m not willing to get heart palpitations to find out. 

Thank you for bringing the gluten matter to the world’s attention.
Be well, 


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