Surgeries to go….globally!

Medical Tourism seems to be on the rise where people frustrated with U.S. prices for medical treatment travel to foreign countries to get their medical treatments…and a bit of vacationing while they’re at it if possible. I did the same last year, getting about $2,000 of dental work for what would have been about $12,000 in the good old U.S.A. I was already going to be spending time in India and found a teaching dentist much sought after for his specialties.

$7300 including airfare for angioplasty in Poland! hmm….may be better places to vacation, but it takes first place in pricing since the price posted for India doesn’t include airfare. 

Just think, if more people would change their diets to living foods, get some exercise, practice deep breathing, take supplements to fill in for what they can’t get from foods, then they’d have the energy and resources to just vacation in these places instead of traveling as a last resort to avoid bankruptcy and get inexpensive mending!

Pricing chart from You too can get a bypass for $9,300! I think I’ll bypass that bypass!

Medical Tourism Sample Surgery Cost Chart
Costa Rica
Heart Bypass

Heart Valve Replacement

Hip Replacement
Knee Replacement

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