MACA on Michelle O’s Garden Case

No. . . .This isn’t about Maca the food herb used for enhancing your sexuality, but MACA the Mid America CropLife Association and the ‘vegetable root’ they had to pick with Michelle Obama’s organic garden. Amazing how many gardening discussions are going on now. People doing community gardens, family gardens, looking at creative ways to use space in a sustainable way for adding to a local, accessible food supply. How good is it to walk out your door and within a few feet pick and consume that luscious tomato or tangy dill? 

So who in their right, or left humanitarian mind would want to find fault with Michelle Obama’s organic garden at the white house? Hmm. . . . MACA, that wanted to point out that Michelle was modeling an outdated model for society. That surely, it is not economical for each family to provide for its sustenance in their backyards. MACA’s letter to Michelle a few weeks back pointed out to her the error of her ways. A bit of a pen slashing to remind her of where all our “safe” food comes from that feeds the many. While they acknowledged Michelle for bringing a focus to agriculture, they requested she acknowledge the role that conventional agriculture plays in feeding America. They included a convenient bulleted list to Ms. Obama about the features of current agriculture that allow for safe, economic food for us all. What about having a goal towards agriculture that is truly safe and pure to the nature of the living plants without pesticides, injections, and use of genetic alterations?

“Fresh foods grown conventionally are wholesome and flavorful yet more economical.”  Comment: Wonder what their definition of wholesome is?

Two of their bullets that do not address the effect on the animals and humans ability to thrive, but rather the economic efficiencies of their technology:

“Sophisticated Global Positioning Systems can be specifically designed for spraying pesticides. A weed detector equipped with infrared light identifies specific plants by the different rates of light they reflect and then sends a signal to a pump to spray a preset amount of herbicide onto the weed.

Biogenetics allows a particular trait to be implanted directly into the seed to protect the seed against certain pests.”

So, whose garden would you rather eat veggies from? Michelle’s or what agribusiness is pushing your way? Personally, I’d love to sit over lunch with Michelle enjoying the real foods from her garden or at least, to emulate what she’s modeled for us. Maybe if agribusiness would focus its lens on what’s possible for truly wholesome food, they’d come up with a different crop!


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